An uncommon day

A new day begins with more gentle sunshine. We will shortly be assembling in the Chamber for the next Session and today we look forward to the Presidential Address from the Archbishop of York, various bits of legislative business (this can seem innocuous and boring but be very important), in the evening a postponed debate on the vesture of ministers but in the afternoon the item I am particularly looking forward to.

The Revd Jim Wallis

The Revd Jim Wallis

It will be great to welcome the Revd Jim Wallis to the Synod. I haven’t heard him speak for years and so I’m eager to hear him on ‘The Uncommon Good’. Jim founded the Sojourners Community forty years ago. Based in the USA it stands for ‘faith in action in social justice’. Serving the ‘common good’ is one of the challenges that we accepted as the church in this quinquennium of the life of the Synod and so it is essential that we work out what this means. So the afternoon will be taken up in listening to Jim, then in group work and finally in a debate which will call upon political parties to

‘recognise the role, actual and potential, of churches in sustaining the common good of our communities when drawing up their manifestos for the 2015 General Election.’

This is the church being outward facing and seeking to do what we should be doing, building kingdom values into every community and structure.

Lord Jesus,
who came to serve
not to be served,
teach us to serve the common good
and so make known your kingdom
in uncommon ways.

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